Embracing change, embracing life

Individual Counseling

A one-on-one interaction between the counselor and client where the individuals can explore their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Behavior Support

Quality and collaborative behavior support services that focuses on the reduction and replacement of challenging behaviors to improve the quality of individual and community life.

Group Counseling

Counseling that involve a group of individuals with similar concerns meeting with a counselor to share their experiences, gain insight, and utilize therapeutic interventions to improve their life satisfaction.

Our Approach

From day-to-day transitional issues that cause depression, self-esteem, and anxiety issues to larger transitional issues like grieving the death of a loved one or deciding on a major life change, I will be a guide as you make the changes you want in your life. While I assist with a range of issues, the specialties that I focus on are listed below with further information. If you identify with any of these issues, please contact me to see how I can help you.


Anxiety presents itself in a variety of ways, but regardless of its form, the base is intense worry or fear about the future that is so immense that it causes life dysfunction.


Depression can also present in numerous ways, but it is characterized by persistent sadness and loss of interest that negatively affects daily functioning.